We offer various solutions to help get our products to their destination. From the usual to unique and self-developed solutions. We can help you with in-store presentation and shelf advice. We arrange good distribution for full shelves. If you have something in mind, please let us know so we can check if we can custom make this for you.

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Display boxes


Display pallet



Pot covers

Our ECO product line

We have developed an eco variant for all the product carriers - boxes, trays and sleeves - in order to save as much material and plastic as possible. Furthermore, our eco variants are made of paper and cardboard

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From concept to creation

A perfect final product starts with a great idea. However, what is also crucially important is the best possible quality, the most efficient loading, the desired delivery time and, of course, a favorable price. It will be our absolute pleasure to share our thoughts with you from the first draft through to an outstanding finished product.